Investor Relations

Building visibility and trust with investors and the market

Investors are the lifeblood of a listed company, providing access to capital for ongoing growth, innovation and expansion.  A long term, strategic approach is needed to connect with the investment market and trust is gained through regular, timely and effective communication and disclosure.

A deep understanding of the regulatory framework is essential, as is the ability to develop and effectively communicate a company’s story and connect with the investment market. 

From hostile take-overs to capital raising initiatives, annual reports to monitoring and reacting to market rumours, we have the breadth of experience you need to manage your company’s investor relations.  

Creating a Winning Annual Report

We have an indepth
understanding of the New
Zealand regulatory
framework and provide
expert corporate
communications services
for a number of NZX
listed businesses.

  • Financial reporting
  • Investor Communication
  • Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring
  • IPOs
  • Takeover Activity
  • Changes in equity
  • Investor Roadshows
  • Capital Raising